Nature Booster Elixirs
Power boosters in
pure root form


Roots not only provide support and strength for trees and plants: they are also natural health
anchors for us humans. They feed body and soul with valuable ingredients and do good all around.
Our "organic elixirs" are 100% organic and vegan. They are produced without magic, but with all
the more expertise in a specially developed process at our fruit factory.
But the attraction that arises when you enjoy it could well be magical: once you
have tried it, you too will no longer want to do without its invigorating and refreshing effect.


Kiefernholz Geschenkbox gefüllt mit 6 Flaschen Ginger

Gift variations in fine
pine wood cassette

What is the best way to package pure nature? Of course,
of course. Our handmade gift cassettes made of fine pine wood
make our direct juices and elixirs a fragrant home. Now
choose the desired content from our assortment and get
a piece of pure natural gift!

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Diverse Elixiere in 500 ml Flaschen

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Enjoyable alternative
to soft drinks


Our organic plant extracts of ginger, curcuma, Jerusalem artichoke and hemp, obtained by means of a special
pressing technique, are completely free of sugar or additives. Mixed with water, soda or mineral water, they create
a spicy and tangy liaison that brings a touch of exoticism and extravagance to your glass. Perfect as a
non-alcoholic food accompaniment or for refining sauces or salads.

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Diverse Elixiere in kleinen Flaschen

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