Werner Retter -
Ambassador of the culture of enjoyment


Taste purist, avowed nature freak, pharmacist and visionary endurance runner:
Werner Retter fits into a fruit crate just as little as his diverse
ideas and projects, which he has realized in recent years.

Thus he helped the Pöllauer Hirschbirne to a brilliant comeback from the beginning of the 1990s -
the green, roundish fruit has been a regional cultural asset and namesake
for the entire region around the Pöllauer Valley since 2006. This is also true of the pomegranate.
Retter has compiled findings, recipes and history around the red wonder tool in an exciting
book. And it has helped farmers in disadvantaged regions to earn
a secure income by cultivating them.

Organic register number
No. 69

He was one of the first in Austria to recognise the signs of the times and switched to
organic farming. Now in the third generation, he consistently and yet carefully puts his
incomparable Retter stamp on the Styrian fruit manufactory:
"We have nothing to add to nature. Period.


Portrait von Werner Retter


"Organic must be more than just a certificate. Organic is
standard for me, but what counts in the end is always
the quality, it is the conditions under which a food
product can grow and mature. Only in this way can
nature's purity law, which has no alternative,
be best implemented".

Video: Blossoming Austria as
guest of Werner Retter


Fruit with

Only fully ripe organic fruit
of selected varieties and locations,
harvested at the right time, is
allowed in our bottles and jars.
For everyone else, it means staying
out. We therefore employ the proverbial
tact and sensitivity when harvesting and
still pick, pluck and collect by hand in
the very old-fashioned way. This enables
us to guarantee the quality that is the
hallmark of our manufacture and that our
customers have appreciated for many years.

Traktor und Erntehelfer