Fine brandies and liqueurs
for true gourmets


If you look into the Pöllauer Valley Nature Park, an incomparable kaleidoscope of colours,
moods and landscape impressions awaits you in all seasons. Here, amid old trees and green
meadows, in almost remote corners, organically grown noble fruits ripen. Deer pears, plums,
quinces and apricots compete to see who is ahead in terms of quality and bouquet. Lovers
from all over the world appreciate the natural aroma that unfolds when enjoying our carefully
distilled fine fruit in a glass. However: What is so good is unfortunately mostly rare. And that
is why we recommend that you reserve one in good time, a fine brandy from Obsthof Retter.

Kiefernholz Geschenkbox gefüllt mit 6 Flaschen Edelbrand

Kiefernholz Geschenkbox gefüllt mit 6 Flaschen Edelbrand

Hirschbirn Schnaps aus dem Akazienfass

The Retter Edition

We blaze for the perfection of nature. That is why we only use
healthy, fully ripe fruit from the best locations in the world.
Double-fired in copper kettles, they are then placed in glass
balloons or in acacia wood barrels, where they can develop
their full-bodied, smooth aroma for at least two years.
Only then may they adorn themselves with the famous
saviour gold label and start their journey as ambassadors
of Pöllau's culture of enjoyment to avowed liqueur lovers.
Especially popular in gourmet circles is our original mild
fruity Hirschbirn Noble brandy with its fine, vanilla-like
acacia tone.

5 Flaschen Edelbrand


Retter Edition Hirschbirn', matured in an acacia barrel, limited
Retter Edition Apricot
Retter Edition Quince
Retter Edition Rowanberry
Retter Edition Williamsbirne
Retter Edition Plum

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Kiefernholz Geschenkbox gefüllt mit 3 Flaschen Edelbrand

Gift boxes in
noble pine wood case

What is the best way to package pure nature? Of course,
of course. Our handmade gift cassettes made of fine pine
wood make our direct juices and elixirs a fragrant home. 
Now choose the desired content from our range and give
a piece of pure natural pleasure as a gift.

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Kiefernholz Geschenkbox gefüllt mit 1 Flasche Edelbrand

The Retter Edition

Quality knows no compromise. In our fruit
liqueur edition, fully ripe pomegranates or
Hirschbirne enter into a full-bodied liaison with
Retter noble brandies or natural juices.
This successful interplay results in a taste-intensive
natural product which, as always, does without
any colouring or preservatives.

Aufgeschnittene Granatapfel und Flasche Hirschbirn Likör



Retter Pomegranate Liqueur
Retter Hirschbirn' Liqueur

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