The world of fruit on the move -
with the Edition Sommelier


Inventive spirit to drink - these are our direct juices from wildly collected berries, grapes and fruits from the
best locations in the world. Hand-picked quality of the very highest level, which is juiced in an elaborate process
and reaches its optimal maturity within the time-honoured walls of the Pöllauer Schlosskeller.
As a non-alcoholic food accompaniment an alternative-free trendsetter and solo artist
things dance of joy for your palate.

Flasche Edition Sommelier WILD Kirsche

Edition Sommelier

Our direct juices from wild berries and fruits are
true divas. Whether by chance or not - they do indeed
impress with their "divine" taste - at least that is what
top gastronomes from Pöllau to Lucerne believe.
After all, our fruity protagonists grow in the best
locations and forests in the world. They are collected
by hand and are given the care and optimal ripening
time that connoisseurs of taste need. But the long
wait is worthwhile: in the end, demanding palate
buds are caressed with limited and alcohol-free
vintage bottlings that could not be more natural.
Nothing more can be added to this.

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Gift boxes in fine
pine wood case

What is the best way to package pure nature? Well, of
course. Our handmade gift cassettes made of fine pine wood
embed our direct juices and elixirs in a fragrant home.
Now choose the desired content from our range and give
a piece of pure natural pleasure as a gift.

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Edition Sommelier

Nature is the best guardian of time. Since thousands of years
they know best when their fruits have reached the zenith of their
ripeness. Then, and only then, do we step onto the map - or
perhaps better said onto the ladder: Just as carefully as the
fruit was allowed to grow in single sunny locations, so
carefully do we harvest the precious raw materials in
the Celtic annual cycle. They are then further refined using
our special manufacturing process and stored behind walls
steeped in history in annually limited special bottlings
until they are optimally ripe for drinking. By the end of the
walk through woods and meadows, conscious gourmets
look forward to new taste experiences from old varieties.
With a touch of rose and camomile - or pure.

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Flasche Edition Sommelier WELL Hirschbirn