Oxymel, Dekokt or Alchemie


The real essence of our little wonders resides in their valuable vitality and ingredients.
Using our knowledge of the very top level of naturopathy, the so-called spagyric,
we extract the most powerful secrets from the plant in an extensive process.
To process them and then gently merge them back together again. The derived
essences unfold their holistic power on all levels of the human body. As Oxymel, Dekokt
or Alchemie they stimulate the body's own regeneration processes and have a
pleasant effect on body, mind and soul.

Verschiedene getrocknete Kräuter

Verschiedene getrocknete Kräuter

"Therefore learn Alchimiam, also called Spagyria,
which is to separate what is wrong from what is just."

(Paracelsus, 1493-1541)

Spagyric from the perspective of the pharmacist Mag. Wendelin Rauch

As the very highest level in naturopathy, spagyric is to be named. An ancient and holistic
naturopathic treatment that makes use of the complete healing power of nature. Doctors and
healers have always been interested in understanding nature, its powers and effects and making
them as accessible as possible to people for their healing.

So as to preserve the pure essence, the complete power and effect of plants, their active ingredients
are first separated, then processed and finally reunited. The spagyric essences obtained in this way
support the body in its self-healing potential and thus belong to the few remedies that promote and
support the body's own regeneration process.

Derived from the two Greek words "spao" (I divide, I dissolve) and "ageiro" (I connect, I unite),
spagyric is a holistic treatment method in which the body (sal), spirit (mercurius) and soul (sulphur)
of the person are regarded as a unit.

Verschiedene getrocknete Wurzeln

Verschiedene getrocknete Wurzeln

Quintessence Oxymel

Oxymel is an old folk medicine home remedy that is used in many regions of Europe and Asia has been used
in the Orient for generations. The name oxymel comes from the Latin and means "acid and honey". In fact,
the main components of this natural medicine high quality vinegar, which is composed in a special mixture of selected
herbs functionally coordinated with honey. The specific function of the is rounded off Herbal mixture through our organic
natural juices from 100% direct pressing.


Quintessenzen Oxymel

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Quintessence Dekokt

A dekokt  is an aqueous extract from medicinal plants, which is obtained by boiling
the fresh or dried plant material is won. Dekokts are preferred for roots, bark or fruit, whose
plant structure is difficult to break open. In this way it is easier to extract the desired active ingredients from
the plant material. Dekokts have a long tradition not only in
traditional European medicine,
but also in Chinese medicine. As the preparation is very
complex, ready-made dekokt are usually offered in pharmacies.
Proper preparation is crucial for their effectiveness. It is important to work carefully in a closed
system during production so that none of the lighter-weight  ingredients are lost. Thanks to the complex preparation process,
all valuable ingredients are carefully extracted from the plant material and made available for our needs.


Quintessenzen Dekokt

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dünne Linie mit bunten Herzen




Wurzelkraft pur in Karton

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Quintessence Alchemie

The Retter Quintessenz Alchemie is a very special combination of minerals and herbs and 100% organic
direct juice. To get the desired concentration, minerals and herbs prepared alchemically. We are using old
knowledge that has been used in folk medicine for thousands of years occupies a fixed place and is currently
experiencing a renaissance. The Retter quintessence combines the old art of alchemy with 100% organic
direct juice. It is from us to the strict requirements of the food law manufactured and special refined
alchemically according to the Paracelsian tradition.


Quintessenzen Alchemie

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